About CWM

Jeffrey G. Cribbs, CFP®

After 17 years in the financial planning industry, Jeff incorporated Chicago Wealth Management, Inc. in 2004 out of a commitment to build better investment models for clients that would increase the probability of successfully sustaining portfolio distributions over long time frames. He has over 20 years of experience providing investment and wealth management advice to high net-worth individuals and institutions. Additionally, he has co-authored two articles published in the Journal of Financial Planning investment portfolio strategy.

As Managing Principal of Chicago Wealth Management, Jeff partners with individual and institutional clients, provides advice and manages assets to build wealth, using investment strategies which allow for sustainable distributions. Jeff understands that unpredictable life and economic circumstances demand planning flexibility in order to reach long term financial success. The process involves providing advice and expertise on all aspects of financial planning, including focusing on investment for retirement, retirement income planning and inter-generational wealth transfers. Jeff has a Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Economics.

After a short stint at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a PhD in Economics, he graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business MBA Program in Pittsburgh, PA. Jeff has been active in many non-profit organizations, and has served on the boards of Lutheran Child and Family Services, Bethesda Home Foundation, Goodcity, Concordia University Foundation and Grace Lutheran Church, Protege Philharmonic Orchestra and River Forest Rapids Soccer Club.

Managing Investments to Make Wealth Last