Services & Approach

Our clients have a common characteristic: they seek to build wealth and will require sustainable distributions from investment portfolios. Particularly for professionals compensated for their time and expertise, part of that compensation must be set aside and managed for when you choose to reduce your work effort, through retirement or second career, or pursuing other interests. Our monitoring and reporting systems help you stay on track when you do not have the time, interest, knowledge or confidence to use your free time to manage finances.



  • Our investment strategy focuses on minimizing maximum drawdown in investment portfolios. Large (short-term) losses have two effects: they reduce the ability of a portfolio to sustain distributions over time, and reduce your ability to stick with an investment strategy. We believe our strategy increases the probability you will be able to sustain your lifestyle and help those you care about.
  • We work with you to foster sound investment behavior. Staying with an investment strategy is immensely important, including developing realistic expectations for how much to save during accumulation years and how much you can spend during non-working years.

Income & distribution planning

  • Our investment and planning services are built on the understanding that it is vitally important for families and institutions to accumulate enough assets and be able to maintain distributions from their portfolios over long periods of time.
  • We work to help you identify your financial goals and develop actionable plans with respect to key issues such as retirement, education for children or grandchildren, asset protection, longevity and health.

legacy planning

  • We help guide you in the areas of estate planning, trusts, and charitable giving. We work with you to minimize taxes and maximize the impact of your life’s work according to your values and interests.



Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific request and needs of the client.  Chicago Wealth Management, Inc. (“CWM”) does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. CWM does not prepare estate-planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. As disclosed on this web site.