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2023 – The Year of the … ?

By Investments, Thought Pieces

When we started the year, the general consensus was that coming off 2022’s worst U.S. bond market in modern history, 2023 would see the fixed-income sector stabilize and rebound with solid returns.  Through the first quarter, that is precisely what happened.  However, as inflation proved more persistent, the Federal Reserve kept hiking the Fed Funds rate and fixed income assets…

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One Hot Mess

By Investments, Tax, Thought Pieces

“One hot mess” seems to be a prevailing theme as we collectively face multiple challenges.  In response to recent economic events, we recently made some relatively modest allocation changes by decreasing stock exposure.  The main positive is that we continue to experience economic growth in a low-interest-rate environment. Moreover, the probability that Congress will pass additional fiscal stimulus with the…

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State of the States

By Thought Pieces

Some interesting insight in this recent article from Barron’s regarding the uncertainty that cities and states are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has introduced new risk into municipal bonds and the revenue shortfalls for most states are projected to be strikingly large. Eaton Vance ranked each state’s creditworthiness based on their fiscal year ending June 2019… wondering…

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